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Any player that is in the Top 30 in the ATP Rankings from the previous year is considered a Commitment Player for the current year. From the 2013 ATP Official Rulebook, I. ATP Circuit Regulations, 1
The 2014 ATP Official Rulebook, 9. 03 (Emirates ATP Rankings), Section E lists three different tie breakers in the event that players have the same total number of points. E
Yes, players can receive rankings points for winning qualifying round matches. The amount of points they win typically depends on how many matches they win and what level of tournament it is - a 250, 500, 1000 (Masters) or 2000 (grand slam). An easy
Edit: To answer the edited question: yes, these same rules are followed by all ATP/WTA and Grand Slam matches. The ATP/WTA adopted their practices from the Grand Slams.
As far as I know, the ATP and WTA rankings work approximately this way: Each week the points for the tournaments played that week are added. The points for tournaments more than 52 weeks old are dropped. (Of course, there are more complicated rules a
The ATP Rankings, as defined by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), are the "objective merit-based method used for determining qualification for entry and seeding in all tournaments for both (male) singles and doubles, except as modified f
The ATP Masters series 1000 is the premier event in Men's tennis after the 4 Grand Slams. 1000 signifies the ranking points earned by the winner. There are a total of 9 Masters 1000 events throughout the year
The main differences are which organizations organize and operate the tournaments, how much prize money and how many points are up for grabs, and the rankings of the players in the draw. Futures: Run by ITF, Prize money of 10-15k, ranking points from
ATP Tour Simply by checking List of ATP number 1 ranked singles players at Wikipedia I found two players who were Year-end No. 1 without winning a Grand Slam tournament that year: (Connors won his first GS title in 1974 and McEnroe in 1979. But they