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In baseball, a pitcher can commit a number of illegal motions or actions that constitute a balk. Most of these violations involve a pitcher pretending to pitch when he has no intention of doing so. In games played under the Official Baseball Rules, a
The official rules of Major League Baseball stipulate the following about the outfield dimensions: there must be a minimum of 325 feet (99 meters) between the left and right field walls and home plate, and 400 feet (122 meters) between center field a
MLB Salary Caps: An Annotated Bibliography DeMause, N. (n. d
The world had wondered: openly, loudly, some may even say rudely, if Usain Bolt was ready. There were rumours of injury, speculation over his commitment to training, worries over his wavering form, suggestions that the triple world record holder migh
There are two (in)famous cases of pacesetters continuing the race and going on to win: Paul Pilkington at the 1994 Los Angeles marathon, and Tom Byers at the 1981 Bislett Games. Byers built a ten-second lead when "the rest of the field refused to fol
As far as I know, UEFA allocates some number of places in the European competitions based on country coefficients. However, I have seen (if I remember correctly) various rules in various countries: Usually the spots in Champions League and the first
The qualifying process for the 2018 World Cup began on March 12, 2015 with preliminary ties between the 12 lowest-ranked nations in Asia. Chiquito Do Carmo of Timor-Leste had the honour of scoring the very first goal on the road to Russia in a 4-1 vi
Every sport has its nuances, quirks and unique aspects, differences that challenge both the bet maker and bet taker. One constant, however, is that it very much matters where the game or event is played. In football, a home field advantage can be wor
Detecting Duplicate Code with PMD's CPD by Tom Copeland 03/12/2003 The Problem of Duplicated Code A program with a lot of duplicated code is headed for trouble. Duplicated code means that bugs can appear in several places. It means longer compilation