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It has been observed that in baseball, a home team has a statistical 54-46 advantage, all other things being equal. There have been various theories to account for this, including the impact of fan support, and possible "home team" bias by umpires. B
Tom, First I'd like to clear up some misconceptions you might have about the NTRP rating scale and where players (and teaching pros) fall on that scale. The skill level of your local tennis pro or instructor can vary greatly. Some tennis pros are for
OK, so we all know that national anthems are hardly the stuff we’d normally choose to listen to, but today I ask you to suspend judgement for a few minutes, be patient and open the mind. the issue First a question: as you go about your daily business
cihanelmasri List of best corner kick takers in association football. The Top Ten 1David BeckhamBend it like Beckham, nobody bends the corner kick like David Beckham with such great speed and spinning action. There is nothing the defending team can d
What is tie-breaking procedure in NHL (regular season)? How are standings for the teams in the NHL table decided
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First of all, I should mention that snowboarding isn't my strongest dicipline. Instead, I'm a skier - and sometimes even a telemark skier - but the general idea is the same. To begin with, going fast shouldn't be a goal per se
Yes, if you attack the ball, and the blocker makes any contact with the ball, and it comes back to your side, then your hits are reset (otherwise a block to your side would be a guaranteed point for them every time) and you can once again take up to
SUUNTO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED WARRANTY Suunto warrants that during the Warranty Period Suunto or a Suunto Authorized Service Center (hereinafter Service Center) will, at its sole discretion, remedy defects in materials or workmanship free of charge ei
Here is a somewhat different idea. I used this road bike bar tape for a pair tennis racquets, with fantastic results on all fronts: appearance, durability, comfort, control, thickness and vibration/shock absorption. This tape will not lose grip even